In My Way

Book Review Title: In My Way Pages: 15 Level: Early Readers Bookshop: Book Reviewer: Assiyah Al-Wayi The story is about a boy who is going to the masjid. On the way to the masjid he meets others who ask him about his deen. He happily tells them about who Allah is. What Allah created. Who is our prophet. I learned so much after reading … Continue reading In My Way

Alif Baa Taa Necklace

Here’s a fun, detailed and wearable craft. Material’s Needed: 1. Homemade Salt Dough 2. Paint 3. Box cutter knife Instructions for making salt dough: In a large bowl mix salt and flour together. Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency. Turn the dough onto the bench and kneed with your hands until smooth and combined. Make your creations using the … Continue reading Alif Baa Taa Necklace

Moroccan Mosaic Paint Craft

Have fun creating your own Moroccan paint mosaic with this fun Alif2Yaa craft. Material’s needed: Paint Pencils or sharp pointed object Card stock or file folder paper Mosaic Pattern First, draw a pattern using an Moroccan style mosaic design or download our mosaic pattern printable here: Then paint and fill in the lines of pattern with using a sharp pencil Let dry for a few … Continue reading Moroccan Mosaic Paint Craft

Reading Bundle Scholastic Level 1

Start your child on the right reading path with our Scholastic Arabic reading bundle. Products included in the box are: 1. I Am Water 2. I Am The Planet Earth 3. Letter Workbook – selection varies 4. Handmade Charlotte Crafts for kids Book: I Am Plante Earth: Summary: The planet Earth describes its location in the solar system, its atmosphere, geographic features, and treatment by … Continue reading Reading Bundle Scholastic Level 1

Make Learning Alphabets Fun!

There are many ways you can teach your child the Arabic alphabets. Children learn and can pick up much faster when activities are hands-on. One fun way to teach letter formation and recognition of each letter name and their shapes is with the ever so-loved play dough! So much can come from a jar of play dough…… Enhances a child’s fine motor skills Improves and … Continue reading Make Learning Alphabets Fun!

Teaching the Arabic language

When we first started homeschooling as a family we knew that our aim and desire was to homeschool in order to preserve the Arabic language for our children. What we found along the way that it wasn’t necessarily easy as there were very little resources to help spark an interest for our kids to enjoy Arabic as compared to the infinite number of resources in … Continue reading Teaching the Arabic language